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Russell Pierce

Laguna Beach, CA


Thanks for checking out my art! I've been making art my whole life and became a graphic designer after attending the School of Visual Arts in NYC. I've always explored emerging new media as well as traditional drawing, painting and photography. That being said, you will find works on my site created traditionally with oils and pastels etc. as well as many works created in the digital realm. I use a multitude of applications to create my works including Corel's Painter, Adobe Photoshop and other specialty apps.

In April of 2010 I purchased an iPad the day they hit the stores. From that first day, I created at least one drawing a day utilizing one of the many art apps and posted it to my art blog page and my Facebook page. I love to mix and match apps. I'll start a piece in one app, do some tweaking in another app and final polishing in still another app. With new apps coming out every day, my toolbox is constantly changing, this is a cool time to be a digital artist!

Speaking of digital, I want to mention something about my work. Resolution wise, many of my works look great at large sizes. Some are produced with apps that have a decided computery feel. That's actually intentional, it's part of my new media palette. If this turns you off, I suggest you zoom into individual pieces in order to determine if there are jaggy lines visible.

Over the years, my friends have been involved with my work, commenting, suggesting ideas, nudging me in certain directions, and certainly opening my eyes to inspiration from unknown places. Ultimately providing tons of encouragement that drove me to chase the next cool piece. I have also posted a bunch of my photography. This is work going back to my days living in New York City until today in California and places in between.

I hope you like my stuff and want to join in on the fun, and if you have a suggestion for a cool piece of art . . . I'm open.


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